Antonio Gallardo Carrera was born on June 20, 1908. He studied at the school of Commerce of Barcelona and later he joined the former Compagnie Aéropostale (currently, Air France).

He worked for 25 years for the Compagnie Aéropostale as Regional Delegate. His position allowed him to foster relationships between France and Spain, receiving the highest French distinction, the Officer of the Legion of Honor.

Antonio Gallardo Carrera founded the pharmaceutical company Almirall in 1943, with the support of the pharmacist Victor Almirall Rius. Over time, his sons, Antonio and Jorge Gallardo Ballart, joined the company and years later, after the passing of their father, took over the business and prepared the six members of the third generation to take up the reins of the family and business, laying the foundations of the Gallardo Family Group.

For many years, the Gallardo Family history has been linked to the growth of the pharmaceutical company Almirall.

Since its creation in 1943, Almirall has preserved the ethical and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder as well as the focus on the improvement of people’s quality of life through the research and development of pharmaceutical products.

Subsequently, the Family Office (Landon Corporative Group) was established in 2001; Goodgrower (healthcare industry) was founded in 2008. And Áurea Foundation, as the philanthropy activity, was founded in 2009.

Since 2000, the governance structure of the Gallardo Family Group has been developed continuously, including the drafting of the Family Constitution, which states the Mission and the Family Values, among other subjects.

Nowadays, the family group consists of three generations: the 2nd generation (Antonio Gallardo Ballart and Jorge Gallardo Ballart and his wife), the 3rd generation (6 family members) and the 4th generation (19 family members).


Antonio Gallardo Carrera founds the pharmaceutical company Almirall


Almirall becomes the leader of the Spanish pharmaceutical market


Passing of Antonio Gallardo Carrera; his sons, Antonio and Jorge, take over the business


Merging with Prodesfarma creating the new Almirall – Prodesfarma


Consolidation of Landon Corporate Group, the Family Office, with external executives


Almirall becomes a public traded company


Founding of Goodgrower, a leading operator in the European Healthcare industry


Áurea Foundation is created with the mission of supporting disadvantaged social groups


Formal beginning of the Generational Transition process from the second to the third generation