The activity of the Gallardo Family Group is focused mainly in Healthcare – through the companies Almirall and Goodgrower. Landon Corporative Group acts as the Family Office managing and preserving the family and business wealth. Áurea Foundation develops the family philanthropy activity.

The pharmaceutical company was founded in 1943 and it focuses on patients, health professionals, partners, employees and other groups of interest. It is committed to R&D to develop products that provide effective solutions to real needs.

Products available in more than 70 countries, across 5 continents

908,4M€ turnover

1900 employees

It was founded in 2008 as an investment company focused on the Healthcare Business to provide “smart capital” to companies in this industry, with a long-term innovative approach, creating value for patients, employees and investors.

Goodgrower manages the second private group of hospitals in Spain, Vithas Group, focusing on private clients and insurance companies.

The Family Office, established in 2001, has a professional team with broad experience at operational, legal, financial and tax level to provide support to the family group in the areas of:

Real Estate

Financial Investments

Private Equity

Other Activities

It was created in 2009 to contribute to solve and mitigate different social problems. With that objective, personal and financial resources are devoted to projects, especially to those covering basic needs and health care and those facilitating occupational integration of the most disadvantaged, mainly in the closest community environment.

Involved in projects in the areas: Family, Healthcare, Elderly people and Childhood, and also Humanitarian Emergency Response.

In 2019, more than 7.900 people benefited directly and more than 1.300 indirectly, from its activity and projects