Antonio Gallardo Ballart was born on March 12, 1936. In 1952, with 16 years and with a strong background in Commerce and at international level, he joined Almirall. In the company he held various executive positions as Sales and Marketing Manager, being responsible for the launch of key products resulting from Almirall’s research, such as Almax, Cleboril and Ebastel, as well as various licensed products. After his father’s passing in 1988, he and his brother, Jorge, took the reins of the business, boosting the modernization and internationalization of the company.

In 1992, Jorge and Antonio started the development of the Family Government structure. Antonio was Chairman of the Family Office until 2014 and also Chairman of the Family Council until 2016.

He was President at Almirall until he left the position in the hands of his brother, Jorge Gallardo Ballart, and Vice President and Advisor until 2014. He is currently Vice President of Honor.

Antonio has also received numerous awards and has held various positions such as:

  • Vice President of the Family Business Association.
  • Member of the Executive Council for the Family Business Network.
  • President of the Catalan Association of the Family Business.
  • Member of the Advisory Council of National Employment Promotion.
  • Academic Correspondent of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia.
  • Medal to Work (“Medalla al Trabajo”).
  • Commendation with plaque of the Civil Order of Health.
  • Key of the City of (“Clau de Barcelona”).